Residential Tree Service

Homeowners throughout the Salinas Valley and Monterey, CA area know to call El Gabilan Tree Service for any tree issue they may have. Our certified arborists examine your property, and listen to your concerns, which allows us to create a personalized solution. We have over 30 years of experience removing, pruning and managing trees for homeowners.

Call our local team at (831) 771-9751 to schedule a free estimate.

Pruning & Trimming

With decades of experience we specialize in strategic trimming and pruning service that aesthetically enhances your property. Getting your trees trimmed and pruned regularly can help prevent disease and open up your landscape. As a local company, we understand the beautiful views in our area and we work diligently to keep your tree branches from obstructing those views.

Benefits of Trimming

  • Improve the Tree’s Health
  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Fight Root Loss for New Trees

Benefits of Pruning

  • Increase Fruit Size
  • Increase Sun Exposure
  • Increase Curb Appeal

Fire Prevention

We offer fire prevention services, including; tree thinning, removal, and brush hauling. We understand how important it is to be proactive rather than reactive. Allow us to examine your property and create a safe definable space that keeps your home looking great and protected.

Hedging, Yard Clean-Up & Hauling

We offer maintenance and land clearing services, including; hedging, yard clean-up (year-round), and hauling. No matter if you are looking for seasonal upkeep or if you need debris hauled off after a storm, we are here for you.


Are you looking to add some trees to your property? Our certified arborists are here to help you. Together, we will examine your property and determine where to place the new trees. All tree types are different. We will bring our knowledge and you will bring you vision and together we can come up with a plan that enhances your property and leads to a healthy life for the new trees.