5 star ratingGreat experience! I followed all the recommendations, which were well founded and reasonable. The timeline was great, the estimate came promptly and accurately for what I needed. The cost was very reasonable. My neighbor even asked who did the great work! Will use Craig for all my properties in the future.
Jacque H. Avatar
Jacque H.
5 star ratingCraig personally sculptured the 20 maple trees on our property and made them look glorious. Every time I walk in the garden or look out I am so very pleased at how wonderful he has made the garden look. In addition Craig did additional work that I needed done because my husband was ill. I can highly recommend this company and the owner. High integrity and outstanding work. You will be more than pleased if you use them
Carolyn B. Avatar
Carolyn B.
5 star ratingI am so happy with this tree company. El Gabilan tree service was so professional and polite. I am the neighbor of the person that received service from this tree service. They protected my roof and cleaned up their mess really nicely. They were thoughtful of my yard and tried very hard not to destroy my plant's. The workers, foreman and owner were very kind and professional.
Harold F. Avatar
Harold F.
5 star ratingI couldn't be happier with El Gabilan Tree service. I have a giant eucalyptus tree and a huge Monterey Cypress tree. I have always used this company. They know what they are doing. However, this time I wanted to get the cypress tree thinned out so the branches are visible. I worried so much my newly painted house would be scratched up and my landscaping damaged. None of it happened! Four men worked on each tree and the result: the trees are beautiful! I couldn't be happier! The Monterey Cypress looks like a piece of art! Thank you Craig!!
Rita C. Avatar
Rita C.
5 star ratingEl Gabilan Tree Service in Salinas, CA is an outstanding tree service provider that has been my go-to for the past 8 years. They have always done an exceptional job in trimming and maintaining my trees, and their recent work on my coastal redwood tree in the front of my home was nothing short of amazing (see Before/After photo). Their team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they always arrive on time with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. I have been thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail and their commitment to ensuring that my trees remain healthy and beautiful. In addition to their excellent tree trimming services, El Gabilan Tree Service also provides a range of other tree-related services, including tree removal, stump grinding, and tree planting. Their prices are reasonable, and they always provide a detailed estimate upfront, so there are never any surprises. Overall, I would highly recommend El Gabilan Tree Service to anyone in need of tree services in the Salinas, CA area. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly unparalleled.
Joseph N. Avatar
Joseph N.
5 star ratingI met Craig while taking bids for tree removal. His bid was very fair considering what you get with his service. A certified arborist's advice, licensed and bonded work, top of the line equipment/professional staff and best of all...a generation of wisdom. Craig can tell at a glance which species of eucalyptus I have, how much longer my oak had to live, how to save my remaining trees and offered the soundest advice. All this he did while assessing the paid job. He offered his wisdom freely almost as if passing along a craft. Craig did not win the bid because Mother Nature took care of the trees for me but he will be the first I call next time. If anything to pay forward his good will. There's is much to be said about a true craftsman of a trade. I for one appreciate and value everything that entails.
Mateo C. Avatar
Mateo C.
5 star ratingI had a tree service out and was going to use them but they couldn't get the permit required for the tree that needed to be removed from the County. So after 3 weeks I contacted El Gabilan tree service and Boy was I relieved to find out not only could they get the permit for the tree removal their pricing was better than the other service. They were on time and were very professional. They cleaned cleaned up and blew down so it was like they weren't even here.I would give them 5 stars, and surely recommend them for their services.Steve C.
Deborah C. Avatar
Deborah C.
5 star ratingEl Gabilan Tree Service provided excellent service. Craig is a trained arborist, your trees will be pruuned in a manner to facilitate the long term health of the tree. The trimmers listen to your requests, they value your needs and trees needs. Consideration was, also, given to protecting the views. I, my trees and property were treated with consideration and respect.
Nancy H. Avatar
Nancy H.
5 star ratingMy neighbor hired El Gabilan and she recommended them to me. We share the scope of a large pine tree straddling our properties and she had them come to trim a portion and at the same time I was able to have some overhanging limbs removed, just like that. I found Craig to be very accommodating and helpful and pleasant to work with. As it was, I had other tree work to be done, and we almost got to work on it that same day. Owing to there being quite a bit of work to be done, removing two dead oaks and cleaning out the dead wood and trimming the crown of another oak, we agreed to working on it another day. Lo and behold, he had a window of time to come right back the next day. Craig's workforce were all very nice and responded to all my questions and additional needs. I even got to practice my Spanish speaking with them! The best thing is I finally got my yard back into tip top shape thanks to the prompt and professional service I received from El Gabilan Tree Service. I highly recommend the group for any tree work you need. My neighbor told me that Craig is a trained arborist, and that he was referred to her from the Del Rey Oaks city arborist, so he comes as a qualified and respected tree service business owner. Thanks Craig. I know who to call the next time I need tree work done.
Beth P. Avatar
Beth P.
5 star ratingI called several contractors for work pruning several trees and removing a large stump. Craig came to look at the job and gave me a written bid -with a very reasonable price- the same day. He brought out a grinder and was patient and persistent getting past our chimney - with only about an inch clearance in each side- into the back yard where he did a thorough job grinding the stump well below grade so we can extend our patio. A few days later he was back with his crew. Frankie was the climber-he did a beautiful job on the biggest trees. The others made quick work of the smaller projects-including being hired away by my neighbor to thin and top a tree in her yard. A large branch damaged the lattice panel on the fence. Craig and crew replaced it with no quibbling at all. They cleaned everything up including raking up the little bits and blowing away the dust. Highly recommend! I will call them again.
Angela U. Avatar
Angela U.
5 star ratingWe've been using El Gabilan Tree Service for many years! Craig analyzed and determined how best to preserve and shape our large trees. We will continue to use his services!!!
Evie B. Avatar
Evie B.
5 star ratingCraig is the Owner of the company and he's great, as are all the people that work for him. We've been using El Gabilan for some time and they always do a great job and know what should be cut back, what shouldn't be and how to get the trees cut so they'll be healthy and strong. We've got about 10 Oaks and 1 huge Cypress and they all are doing great, thanks to this company. Craig runs a super business and calls when he can't be there in person to work alongside his crew. They clean up and except for the trimming, we'd never know anyone had been here. Thanks so much El Gabilon!
Margaret R. Avatar
Margaret R.
5 star ratingThey trimmed a Maitan tree that hadn't been trimmed in 20 years and removed a huge stump from my front yard. The tree was beautifully trimmed and the crew completely cleaned up after themselves - in fact they left the area cleaner than they found it. Three weeks later while inspecting my gutters before a rainstorm, I discovered they had cleaned out the gutters, too, after trimming the tree. You can't get better service than this.
Jim F. Avatar
Jim F.
5 star ratingThey recently came to my house to remove a large tree and some tree stumps. Work was done fast and at a very reasonable price. They are GREAT!
deny e. Avatar
deny e.